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Simple Loan Calculator
Use this Simple Loan Calculator to quickly calculate the monthly payment, total amount of interest paid, total paid and cost of points for your loan scenario.
Annual Percentage Rate APR Calculator
 This APR Calculator helps you discover what your mortgage loan is really costing!
Buyer's Cash Requirements Calculator
Simultaneously compare up to four different loans to determine how much cash will be required at closing for each of the different loans.
Selling a Home?
Calculate your net gain after your current mortgage(s) have been repayed and taxes, sales commissions and other closing costs involved in your sales transaction have been accounted for.
Refinancing Calculator
Rent or Buy Calculator
While purchasing a home is often the better option, there are times (depending upon how long you intend to live in a particular area) when renting may be a better choice. This calculator helps you determine what may be best for you.
Loan Spread Calculator
Get the Big Picture on the Time Value of Money!
Discounted Cash Flows Calculator
Quickly and easily determine the present value of an investment property's cash flows and sale proceeds for periods of up to 20 years.
A Future Values Calculator
Pay Off Debt or Invest?
Loan Comparison Calculator
With Loan Comparison Calculator you can see the impact of interest rates and points on monthly payments and total paid.

If you are having trouble viewing the calculators you can
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